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Posture Pal Inc. has been given has given an F from the Dallas Better Business Bureau for 10 complaints, 8 of which have been settled and two had no response.

Six complaints were regarding delivery issues, 3 complaints were regarding refund or exchange issues and 1 complaint was regarding service issues.

The BBB processed the 10 complaints about Posture Pal Inc. in the last 36 months, 7 of which were closed in the last year.

The BBB has requested basic information from this company but has not received a response. As a result, the BBB may not have current information about the company.

A fraud complaint was also filed with the US District Court of Western Michigan against Posture Pal Inc. CEO, Bernard Brown on February 5, 2010 by the inventor of the Posture Pal cushion Chris Geisert. Brown was in charge of running the Posture Pal company.

Brown is also facing a patent infringement lawsuit which was filed with the US District Court of Northern Texas which was filed in early 2009 after Geisert re-assigned the patent back to his own name after disputes regarding the Posture Pal company.

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Thanks to your support from purchasing my invention, I have started my official company website at

and no, Bernard Brown is definetly not part of my company anymore.

Kind Regards,

Chris Geisert

Inventor of Posture Pal/FHP Cushion and Posture Cap.


I am back on my feet again. If you would like to purchase my invention, I have renamed it and don't use the theives from Posture Pal who left me with nothing. with lower prices too!

Kind Regards,

Chris Geisert


I am back on my feet again. If you would like to order it, I have renamed it FHP Cushion. is where you can order. I also lowered the price to $75.

Different managment than the theieves at Posture Pal



The total is up to 21 complaints at the BBB now.


I have a Posture Pal cushion that I've had for 3 years now and love it, although I only feel the need to use it occassionally since I got rid of my shoulder and back pain with it. Was planning on ordering one as a gift to family member, but now see these awful reviews.

Chris, are there other ways to order? I don't want to order and pay for a product that will never be sent.


18 is the current total:


I ordered a Posture Pal on 3-31-10 and have not received it. They did not answer my emails. Now I call and the numbers are disconnected but you can still order from them!!!!


I just checked the BBB, the complaints are up to 13 now.

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