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My name is Chris Geisert, inventor of the Posture Pal cushion. I was locked out of my Posture Pal company by CEO Bernard Brown.

I re-assigned the patent back to my personal name as I was 51% owner. I sent a cease and desist letter, but nothing happened so I had to file a patent infringement lawsuit against Bernard Brown as the companies were all abandoned!

I have since filed a fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duties and interference of contractual relations lawsuit as I was about to start up my business again with logistics, warehousing, advertising, etc... and Bernard Brown called and threatened my new partner with a lawsuit.

I checked with the Dallas Better Business Bureau and they ranked my company with the lowest score of F with 10 complaints. I lost my business and now my reputation is bad. I even called some old chiropractic customers who complained about not getting product on time or never able to get it.


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After 6 years on the market, I have implemented some changes and the mold is finally done. I am doing some testing and then the new Posture Pal, FHP Cushion Revamp will be on the market. You can go to my new company website at FHP Products dot com.

Thank you for all your support!

Kind Regards

Chris Geisert


i have transferred the makeshift posture cap website to the website.


Hi Abby,

My current website is and is a makeshift one. The new company website is being designed now by the designer and is

Kind Regards



LOL the new website that Chris has given is a home improvement company. 8)


Now that I've recovered from the patent infringement and fraud infliction that happened to me by Bernard Brown, I'm able to finally launch a quality company website.Thanks for all the support from the posture experts and customers.

My new website will be opened

Thanks for your support.


I am back on my feet again after being wiped out. If you would like to purchase my invention, please go to my new website.


There are 21 complaints posted against Bernard Brown at the Better Business Bureau now.


Bernard Brown does not follow through on his promises of product deliveries, or his refunds due for double billing practices.

I either want the case of product paid for or a full refund of monies paid.

I love the Posture Pal product, I need more of them for my practice.


PosturePal Inc

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Seems the comapnay has been given the boot by paypal


I wouldn't do any buisness with Paypal, they are useless in the UK. A bunch of money grabbers. As for your lawsuit I hope you win, so best of luck with that !!

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