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Posture Pal inventor Chris Geisert has recently started selling his Posture Pal forward head posture cushion again after a long legal battle against Bernard Brown who was demoted by Geisert and then who ran the company into the ground, racking up 21 complaints from customers who purchased the product and never received them including doctors who were double billed.

Geisert, who was left with nothing from his Posture Pal Company, has since restarted a brand new company called FHP Products which stands for forward head posture products.

Geisert first started selling his second forward head posture invention, the Posture Cap. Reviews of the Posture Cap have been mixed. While selling his Posture Cap and fighting a legal battle, Geisert had many requests from people to sell his Posture Pal cushion.

Orders from European doctors allowed him to start selling his cushion again and he has recently started to sell his cushions to everybody with stock in the US where most of his clients are; US and Canada.

The Posture Pal forward head posture cushion can be found from Geisert's new company at his new temporary website, The retail price has been lowered from $95 to $76 along with lower wholesale prices for doctors at $38. These prices also include free shipping to continental US and for a limited time, Canada.

The Posture pal website, , which is ran by Bernard Brown has received an F from the Better Business Bureau for 21 complaints for Bernard Brown's selling practices of taking people's money, not returning their emails and not delivering products.

The phone numbers on the Posture Pal website no longer work and many complaints of customers of Bernard Brown not responding after receiving their money. The address on the website is no longer valid as well.

Bernard Brown has moved two times since.

Ordering off the Posture Pal website from PayPal has been cancelled due to all the complaints.

Bernard Brown has since started working for Ambit, a multi-level marketing company. Multi-Level Marketing companies have had fraudulent reviews for their business practices

Bernard Brown also faces a patent infringement lawsuit which includes fraud and other counts of white collar crime with the US District Court of Northern Texas.

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Posture Pal Inventor

After 6 years on the market, I am implementing suggestions made by doctors to make my cushion even better. The mold is finally finished now I am testing it. Go to my new company website at FHP Products dot com to see!

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