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Bernard Brown of Dallas Texas is going to trial for a fraud, patent infringement, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and interference of business relations from his disastrous handlings of the Posture Pal Company.

The Posture Pal companies have been abandoned a second time by Bernard Brown and have racked up the lowest ranking of F from the Better Business Bureau for 21 complaints of taking people's money and not delivering product.

The lawsuit was filed by the Posture Pal inventor, Chris Geisert who was majority shareholder and was locked out of the company after demoting Bernard Brown for refusing to show the company expenditures.

The lawsuit against Bernard Brown filed with the US District Court of Northern Texas has entered the Discovery Phase with the judge requesting both parties to perform a scheduling.

A motion for dismissal by Bernard Brown was rejected by the court. The court has found enough evidence presented by the plaintiff to hear the complaint, including fraud which is hardest to proof.

Bernard Brown has stated that he is looking for investors to invest in the Posture Pal company. If the investors aren't aware of the Fraud lawsuit, they too can file suit for not disclosing this information.

Chris Geisert, the inventor of Posture Pal, has started over with a new company called FHP Products and is selling two of his inventions, Posture Cap and FHP Cushion which is the new name of the Posture Pal cushion.

Geisert is also currently writing a book about his whole ordeal so that other inventors can learn from his mistakes or so that people can see the inside dealings of how to take an invention to market.

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Demand Pooling Energy is the owner of Depo Energy.


Bernard Brown has been let go of his duties at Depo Energy after learning of the fraud lawsuit. Depo is a respectable company and policies reflect those of outstanding citizens.


I just contacted DEPO ENERGY LLC and Bernard IS the president of their subsidery company....


Bernard is claiming to be DEPO ENERGY LLC President and COO. He also states that his company has 11 to 50 employees.

The website he has for his new company, states that a Don J. Kelly is President and COO.


I've filed a motion with the US District Court of Northern Texas to withdraw my fraud complaint against Bernard Brown because he has moved 2 times since I filed my complaint and the ability to collect the monetary award will prove to be near impossible because he is always moving and he doesn't have any money.

Like they say, why throw good money after bad money.


I've recovered enough from the fraudulent activities by Bernard Brown although I will probably never be fully recovered and have finally been able to start work on my wonderful company website. Thanks to all the posture experts and customers that have helped thru this whole fiasco. My new website has started to be designed and you can find it at Its my new company and I'm not using the fraudster Bernard Brown.

Kind Regards,


to Chris Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #919530

Hi My name is Mathieu Kotsonis, I am a South African Businessman who was defrauded by millions of Rands by Bernard Brown, he also defrauded other companies including Barlows. I hope he gets locked up!

Bernard id you are reading this you will get what you deserve. I believe the African Americans love white South Africans in jail!

This is the best news I've heard for a long time.....hahahahahaha Bernard you're are and will always be a Fraud I hope they throw away the key. A-HOLE!


Thanks Mike,

I've written 20 pages so far and haven't even gotten to Bernard. Its going to be a very interesting book.

Kind Regards,


to Chris Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #919531

Hi Chris, if you need information on Bernard Brown's fraudulent activities in South Africa send me a mail.

I didn't realise that this piece of useless human flesh was hiding in the States. I do hope they lock him up.


Interesting article and I look forward to reading the book. Fraud is a serious offence and it will be interesting to hear how Mr Brown will answer the charges put forward.

to Mike King Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #919532

Mike the title Mr cannot be synonymous with Bernard Brown. He is the worst nightmare for those that get conned by his bull!

to Mathieu #1545998

Hi Mattieu, Please can you asssit me as I have also beeb defrauded. This is nightmare as I amout of pocket and financially distraught for hundreds of thousands of rands. Regards Avantina

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